Cueros Exoticos Valencia SLNE, has his roots in the 20s of the last century when D. Manuel Velasco started a family leather goods business in the city of Valencia, initiating a process that persists nowadays, at that time the production was chrome tanned bovine hides and this is maintained until the Spanish Civil War, in this moment the factory stop his production.
     During the 40s Jose Velasco, son of Manuel Velasco, starts making sheep and goat skins mainly for leather goods and footwear.
     Is in the the 70s when the Velasco family starts making exotic skins, mainly African furs. 

     Cueros Exoticos Valencia, SLNE is a traditional family business with the experience from 1921 until today.

     During this time we have lived all the technological advances in our industry, evolving it towards manufacturing systems cleaner and thus more environmentally friendly.
      In our production we add the experience of tradition, innovation in processes and component fashion. The effects of crystal polished finishes, matte and polished elegant, classic florantique or pull-up, along with the continued development of fantasies and effects, make up the whole of our articles.
     Twice a year, in every season, we offer our proposals of colors, textures and effects through editing color cards and through regular participation in the fair Lineapelle at Milano-Rho.